Foster Box


Everybody needs a home, but not everybody’s home is ready right now. 

The foster system in this country is an amazing thing. People, who have extra love or extra room or extra time, volunteer to help out those families that are struggling. Those people are given little notice before a new face shows up in their home. And that’s why there’s The Foster Box.

A few years ago, the Old Try co-founder and a few other Boston foster and non-foster parents got together and started to dream about how to offer support. They came up with a simple but helpful idea: a box of age and gender-appropriate items delivered to a foster house within 12-36 hours. Nothing fancy, just some basics. Enough to give that new face, in a new place, a little normalcy while the foster family gets everything else in order.

The Foster Box just got their 501(c)3 accreditation, and we’re as excited as can be to give 10% of the retail cost of every print (as of today, that’s $4.20) to The Foster Box.

Know that every print you buy for your home is helping foster families who are opening their home to those who need them until they can get back home themselves.

Learn more or donate directly here.