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We love y’all’s emails.

But let’s make it easier on us all and answer the Qs that we get most FAed. Anything else, hit us up at

When will my dang order get here?

“I ordered a print 15 seconds ago and why is it not here yet?”

Slow down, cowboy. Remember when things used to take 6-8 weeks? We will ship your print out when we get to it and that print is coming from a super secret location in South Carolina, just over the border from Charlotte. Your order will take a minute. Most likely it will ship within three days of your placing it, and you'll get an email with tracking when that happens. But I will promise you a big promise that it will come. 

Can I exchange this or maybe just return it?

“So, yeah, um, this does not fit me like my other t's, I need a different size."
"This print does not match my curtains like I though it would, can I swap it out?"

We do take returns and exchanges within 30 days - unworn, undamaged, mint-condition. And on the off-chance it came to you damaged, let us know. 

Email us at for more info. 
**Please note we do NOT accept returns / exchanges on custom items unless they arrived damaged - this includes our custom framing and special-request Timbers.**

Where’s my shirt?

“Um, hello, it's been a week. And I wanted to wear my new shirt to the family reunion this weekend.”

You might have missed it, but all our t-shirt listings note that they're printed on-demand and can take 2-3 weeks (although it’s usually on the shorter end of that). Because that’s the only way we can offer all the special options that are near and dear to your heart (or your neighbor’s or your boss’s or your cousin’s BFF’s momma’s).

“I got my print from y’all and I love it. But I also ordered a shirt, and it isn’t here."

We’re multi-state. We got shirts printing in Atlanta and prints printing in Massachusetts. We shipped your print out first, but the guys down in ATL are getting you a shirt. It’ll come soon. They got to print it. Stare at your print. It’ll take your mind off the shirt. Then when you get your shirt, wear it to the framers.

What frame size should I get?

“I want to get my print framed, but Dick’s Food-N-Stuff doesn’t have a frame that’ll fit it. Where can I get one?”

You’ve got a few options when it comes to framing:

We offer custom framing on our prints. Each listing has 3 frame colors, with or without a mat. Just check the right boxes. 

We’ve also had good luck with the frames from Craig Frames. You can order specific sizes from them, but it’s not "custom framing." You can browse through the site and then choose a frame that comes in 13x20" (if you don't want a mat).

Most of our prints on white (without a color field in the background) can be fit into a 12x18" mat. You can find all kinds of frames with a pre-cut mat at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or the like. Course I say that never having been, but we've gotten emails from folks telling me they went. So that's all on them.

Can I visit your printers?

“My son Bucky lives in Boston and he is in art school and he’d kill me if he knew I was writing, but can he come see your shop?”

Nope. He can’t. Our prints are printed up in a teensy shop in Somerville, MA and there’s hardly room for our steady handed printer and his Vandercook, let alone Bucky. Bless his heart, though. Art jobs are hard to come by.

Can I have a job?

“I’m Bucky. I love letterpress. Can I have an internship?”


Y'all got a store?

“I live up in Concord, and just found you guys. I’m from Tennessee and would love to swing by and save on shipping. Can I just swing by and pick it up?”

We’d love to meet you. But you’re on our store. And that store is on the Internet. As soon as we open one that you can visit, you’ll know. Just follow the sounds of laughter and smoke of a good old-fashioned pig pickin.

Y’all do custom work?

“I’m getting married and would just looooove y’all to do my invites!”

Darling, we’re so excited for you and y’all are gonna make pretty babies. But we’d be a fool to get wrapped up in your special day. We’ve been in Southern weddings and we’ve seen the nails come out. We’re not getting in there or in with your husband’s company barbecue that is asking for some custom posters. We aren’t in the business of custom.

Can I get a bulk discount?

“I want to get three prints. Can I buy two and get one free?"

You get my Belmont rent payment adjusted, and I’ll give you whatever you want. Until then, no sir.

Can I sell y’all?

“I own a store on Magnolia Street and think my customers would love to buy something of y’all’s. You wholesale?”

If you’re awesome, let’s talk. Drop an email to And we'll get you the info you need.

Who helped with your SEO?

Kevin Ekmark helped update site optimization to help y'all find us.