Goods for Home & Away

Printing since 2011


Start with good type

We’ve got a big ole treasure trove of wooden & lead display type. We either letterpress print directly from that type or from scans of it for our giclée prints and shirts.

Then add an image

We hand-carve 95% of
our graphic plates from linoleum.
If the line works gets too fine,
we cast a magnesium die.

Words From Customers

We’ve been fans of The Old Try since the early days, and have used their art in our personal houses and on Home Town.

Erin & Ben Napier
Erin & Ben N.
Laurel Mercantile; Laurel, MS

Great Prints. Better Folks.

Old Try truly holds a special place not only in our home, but in our hearts. Their prints adorn our walls and allow us to fondly look back on the places and events that have helped shape our family over the years while bringing smiles to all that visit. 

Ryan S.
Annapolis, Md

Micah, Marianna and family are the best of the best. You couldn’t ask for a better combination, he is an Alabama boy, Graduated from Ole Miss, and his gorgeous bride is Greek….truly recherché. Oh and his prints, of which I have over 50, are BADASS as well!

Tim H.
Johnny's Restaurant; Birmingham, Al

A Reminder of Myself & Home

I grew up in Alabama, and I have lived in New York City for the last 8 years. This print hangs in my one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. The colors are beautiful. The letterpress is such a nice touch. It looks even better in real-life than in pictures, if that is even possible!

Emily C.; New York City

Emily C.
New York City, Ny