by Old Try
Today, after six years, I turn in my badge for the day job.

Also, last day working as a professional graphic designer.

After twenty years, I'm a bit threadbare and need a change of scenery. A change of inspiration.

In 2002, I decided I wanted to be a full time designer, and figured out how to make it happen. First a stop in Atlanta to get trained up, then a stop in North Carolina to get broken down, and finally the last fifteen years in Massachusetts to refine my process.

I leave two decades of design with a helluva lot of pride and not an insignificant number of bruises. I've designed for Presidents and churches, for celebrities and neighbors. I've made websites that cost more than houses, that lasted mere weeks, with little to show for it. I've made other things for free in the course of an evening that fly over state Capitols. I've named beer & motorcycles & restaurants & luggage. I've flashmobbed and guerrilled and QR coded and javascripted and hashtagged with a few of the big dogs and a lot of the cool cats. I've had my hand slapped for insisting that details matter and are worth sweating over. I stand by that belief.

But now is the time to walk away.

I'm going to try something new. I'll tell you about it later.

I'm taking three weeks off. I'm going to breath. I'm going to Scotland. Then I'm going to start my next act. With an intention to more fully balance family, health, friends, community, faith, and toil.

See you out there.


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