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Old Try

The Old Biscuit

You've prolly seen me gushing on social media about Alabama Biscuit. That's cause my buddy started it and I design all the packaging and shirts and logo and all of that. It's fun. Gets me out of the poster space and now into the real space. Like making vinyl window decals.

Well, I was stoked to see some of their biscuit mix pop up in Alabama Chaninup in Florence. And then a bunch of their mugs and...

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Mighty Fine Korean Eats.

Been meaning to write about our friends down in Chattanooga for a bit now. They have a food truck business. It's called Taco Sherpa. They make Korean Tacos in Tennessee. What? Something strange about that? Nope, not if you are Whit and Lindsay. International badasses. Family of mystery. Foodies and all around great people. 

I'd helped a little bit on this when they were still in Korea, when it was...

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Chickening Out.

Sometimes fun things pop up in the digital world. Like a photo on Instagram, in which you've been tagged. And then you see it, and you go ‘What on earth is happening?’

So you ask about it, and you are told from the author that there is a chicken cooking contest in ATL sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and your print, yourprint, is a stand in for a tray to take the chicken to the judges, cause a tray...

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Feed the Soul.

Food – one part of Southern subject trifecta that we all touch daily.

Football and literature I'd say are the other two, but I guess we could extent the list easily to a dozen or so. 

We miss it daily. It, of course being Southern food in particular. There aren't nearly enough friers up here for our needs.

A few months back, we got a call from Tim Hotzas. He'd been eyeing up some of our prints as...

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And the gold medal winner is...

We had an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party. And we tasked our friends to bring something in one of the colors of the Olympic rings.

Knowledge alert: the five ring colors represent the five continents of the 1912 Olympics and were first used at the 1920 Olympics. 

The winners blew us away with the most amazing visual representation I've seen.

1 part Bugle.
1 part Cheese Wiz.

Unhealthy? You bet...

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Mac & Cheese

Comfort food is not diet food – never said it was. It is warm and it is heavy and it is full of meaning and it is a warm hug around your neck on those dark nights and those bright nights alike.

And when we found a Mac & Cheese recipe the other year and tried it out and it blessed our souls, we continued to make it and now we want you to make it, too.


Vegetable oil
1 lb fusilli, cavatappi, or...

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Dinner in Providence.

We skipped down to America's smallest state with the biggest heart for a bit of a dinner party. And a bit of a regular party.

Our friends Gerald and Melanie, who let us shoot our first prints for Old Try, lent us their space again so we could shoot some new ones. They moved from South Boston down to Providence, Rhode Island so they could live in a proper downtown and pay something the resembles a...

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Southern Hospitality.

We know some folks who've just moved up, within the last three months, from Durham to Boston. We know them 'cause I got no fewer than four phone calls from folks telling me to meet them, they are good folks, you better not let them come to town and not know anybody.  We were finally able to meet up with Sanders and Kate and have some dinner and we knew we'd found fast friends.

He's from Louisiana...

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Have barbecue, will travel.

I'll do a proper post on Blue Ribbon Barbecue at some point in the future. Cause it sure is worthy of its own.

But this post is to say that last night we did what the holidays are for: we invited friends (one Ole Miss, one Tufts) out to the house to get the best 'cue in Boston and just had a good old time getting to know each other.

And since we found out Marianna can't eat gluten anymore, we made...

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Sweet Cheeks.

I'm going for the barbecue three-peat: Threemeat®

New Q joint opened in Boston, and I want to check it out badly. In an old bowling alley. Tables made out of old church doors All the spirits are American (!). Okay, almost all are. They made an exception for Tequila. I'll give them the pass.

Called Sweet Cheeks. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

Photos by Mike Diskin.

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