by Micah Whitson
Some folks have asked: where does the name Old Try name come from? In 2010, @mrsoldtry made me a sweet sweater to wear back to an Ole Miss game. Good ole Mississippi boys and Dallas soccer moms alike were in love with it. So the original idea for Old Try was going to be throwback collegiate gear. I came up with the name based on “the old college try” and a logo based on our home states (hammer for Alabama, yellowhammer state; scissors for the textile heritage of North Carolina). Then I hit a wall with licensing. And had to pivot. So instead of making things that connect folks to school, I made things that connect folks to home. And speaking of home, we’re lucky to have them. Some also offer them up to folks in need. These folks are foster families, and we love the heck out of them. 10% of our all print sales go to @thefosterbox , a service that provides support to foster families who are opening up their homes and their hearts to others while their own home situations get ironed out. So get a print for your home, and help support a home for someone else.

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