by Old Try
LIFE UPDATE: We moved to Boston fifteen years ago this month and quickly fell in love with New England. We started a business here. We had kids here. We bought a house here. We weathered a daggum pandemic here. Spending the last two years designing behind a screen, cooped up in my basement, got me to thinking about this place. And about how much I love showing it off. And meeting new folks. And serving my neighbors. Place has always been really important to me. (See: my whole letterpress operation based on that idea.) I spent months thinking about it. How can I weave together my love of this place, its place in the context of the American story, and how others find their place in her ongoing story? I left my graphic design day job. I got a real estate license. I joined an independent brokerage around the corner from the Old North Bridge in Concord, Ma. @theattiasgroup is a family run practice and I couldn’t be more excited about the change. I’m ready to start helping buyers find, to quote Faulkner, their “little postage stamp of native soil.” If you (or anyone you know) are looking in the greater Boston area, whether local or looking to relocate, I’d love to meet up and show you around! You can find my personal site link in the header. Here’s to home, wherever you find it, Micah Whitson @micah.c.whitson

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