Holiday Shipping

Our exclusive 2023 Christmas shipping non-guarantee®:

We don't guarantee Christmas delivery.

We're a small (real small) business with no sway with the USPS. If you want a higher chance of getting it by Christmas, order sooner than later, especially given the reality of shipping in 2023. The post office gets bananas, and we don't want to bring blame on ourselves when a December 22nd snowstorm snarls mail delivery across the US of A. It's about spending time with family, anyways, so let's not get all bent out of shape. Things'll get where they need to go eventually. 

Prints, Pennants, Greeting Cards & Stickers

Should be fine - Orders placed before December 13
Probably iffy - Orders placed December 13-15
Likely not gonna make it - Orders placed after December 15

Prints with Custom Framing:  Ya missed it!

Should be fine - Orders placed before November 23

Not gonna make it - Orders placed after November 23

T-Shirts: Ya missed it! 

Should be fine - Orders placed December 1-9
We've paused tshirt orders until after the holidays.  

Certificates:  Ya missed it!

Should be fine  - Orders  placed before December 10
Probably iffy - Orders  placed December 12
Likely not gonna make it - Orders placed after December 12


Remember, that if you ordered a pre-sale print, it is NOT on our shelf and ready to ship out immediately. Once it's done printing the above deadlines come into play.

If we run into a snag with your order, we'll do our best to let you know as soon as possible about the issue. And if you need more specific information about a different date you're shooting for, let us know!

Merry Christmas from Old Try