Supply & Demand

by Old Try
You’ve been reading the news, we’ve been reading the news, and it turns this supply chain mess ain’t no joke. Even though we make our prints here in Massachusetts on USA-made paper, prices are increasing everywhere. And the machines that make a lot of our goods are still impacted by the lack of materials sitting on the containers.

Our paper factory has increased prices on paper. Our custom frame prices have increased. Our ink deliveries are slower. (Our printer had a baby, so he’s just a smidge slower, but that’s not supply chain related...) And just this week the USPS increased shipping prices for even slower service from now until the day after Christmas.

We’re going to eat as many of these costs as we can (paper, ink), but where they are too high (frames, some shipping weights/zones) we’re going to pass directly along to you all. We’re not going to increase our shipping prices until October 19th, so if you want to save a few dollars there there is still time.

And if you want to make sure Old Try is under the tree this year, order in plenty of time. Like, in early November. We had packages last year that were supposed to take 3 days to arrive that took over 7 weeks.

And one last bit of news to that end: we’re going to offer our Black Friday prices starting on Nov. 1 to help take the strain out of your shopping, and the stress earlier off of the USPS.

Thank y’all,
Marianna & Micah

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