The Juneteenth flag really is...

by Old Try
The Juneteenth flag really is something. Designed up here in Boston in ‘97 by Ben Haith, it has been flying more and more frequently. Here’s a bit about the symbolism:

The white star in the center of the flag has a dual meaning.
For one, it represents Texas, the Lone Star State. It was in Galveston in 1865 where Union soldiers informed the country's last remaining enslaved people that, under the Emancipation Proclamation issued two years earlier, they were free.
But the star also goes beyond Texas, representing the freedom of African Americans in all 50 states.

The bursting outline around the star is inspired by a nova, a term that astronomers use to mean a new star.
On the Juneteenth flag, this represents a new beginning for the African Americans of Galveston and throughout the land.

The curve that extends across the width of the flag represents a new horizon: the opportunities and promise that lay ahead for black Americans.

And since our prints look better vertically, we took a little liberty with the shape for this print. Up for presale in the shop today.

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