It's Been A Year

by Kelli Steele

Exactly one year ago, JB and I became owners of Old Try. 

Owner seems an ill-fitting word, because aside from some shelves of prints and sticks and shirts, the value is not in the inventory on our shelves. The value is in you: the folks who buy our products, or who want to buy them but need a few more dimes in your budget, or who just care about the same things we care about. 

Micah and Marianna built an absolutely special brand, and I fell in love with it just like many of you. I see us as caretakers, and we intend to continue to take the best care we can of this little business that brings us joy. 

Here are some things I've learned this past year:
  1. My background and skillset uniquely prepared me for running this business, so there are many things that have been easier than expected. 
  2. Running a business is hard, and most of it revolves around problem solving. 
  3. Micah and Marianna are exactly the folks you'd hope they would be, and I'm so thankful for their ongoing support and encouragement. 
  4. Creative block is a bear. We're working hard on new products, but turning inspiration into something tangible has been the biggest challenge. 
  5. You - the people who follow us on social media and buy our products are - sincerely - some of the kindest folks you'd ever meet. We're so grateful. 

Here's to many, many more years of prints and other products that tell the story of home with wit, gumption, and earnestness. From the bottom of our hearts, thank y'all. 

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