12th Man


"I wish I could say that I went in and ran for the winning touchdown, but I did not. I simply stood by in case my team needed me." -E. King Gill
January, 1922. Coach Dana X. Bible and The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas are getting beat up – Centre College is taking it to the boys from A&M in the Dixie Classic. Fearing that he is running out of men, Coach looks up into the stand. Squints. Yells up and gets E. King Gill. He runs down and puts on the uniform of an injured boy. It's sweaty and bloody and doesn't fit at all, but Gill's been called to go in for a family in need. The Aggies prevail. Gill is the only player left standing on the sideline. 
Almost a century later, the A&M faithful haven't sat down yet.  
... Details ... 
. Letterpress printed in Massachusetts
. 13" x 20"
. 110lb Lettra letterpress paper 
. Individually Numbered
. Custom framing available below: Details
. Proudly Printed on 100% Cotton 
 . As is the nature of any handmade item, there are slight variations in inking & each one is perfect in its own way.

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