Love Me Some Jesus


Hellfire and brimstone might work for some, but the Gospel of grace is what I think draws heathens near. 

I was in New Orleans with a friend, chatting into the sunrise on a Sunday morning. As we left the bar and passed churchgoers, smelling of booze and the night, I asked my friend if we should feel ashamed. “No sir,” he replied. “Jesus loves me, and I love me some Jesus.” 
... Details ... 
. 3rd Edition 
. Hand pressed in Somerville, MA, on July 20, 2013
. 13" x 20"
. 110lb Lettra letterpress paper 
. Numbered run of 100 
. Professional framing available
. Proudly Printed on 100% Cotton 
 . As is the nature of any handmade item, there are slight variations in inking & each one is perfect in its own way.

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