The Line


I remember the first time I crossed it.

An event that I didn’t really think about, but that's lived in my memory ever since: the Mason-Dixon. Mason & Dixon's line is a funny thing. When it was surveyed in 1763, it was used to settle disputes between the British colonies. For us, it's the difference between college and pro ball; the difference between sweet tea and tea; and the difference between those who will wear white after Labor Day and those who won't. Pretty simply, it's something Northerners don't much think about and Southerners don't much cross. And it don't matter where you stand, you're on one side of it or the other.  

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. Letterpress printed in Massachusetts 
. 13" x 20"
. 110lb Lettra letterpress paper 
. Individually Numbered 
. Custom framing available below: Details
. Proudly Printed on 100% Cotton 

 . As is the nature of any handmade item, there are slight variations in inking & each one is perfect in its own way.

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