We drove up in the fall. 

The leaves had already oranged and given up and we were in the truck with Pops and my new stepmother. We were going to see a different state and a mammoth cave and I'd heard their grass was blue and something about a drink I wasn't able to try. I was still but a boy. When we crossed over into Kentucky, much to my surprised, I learned that the sky was still blue and the grass was still green. And thought it a shame we were going into a hole in the earth when we could be looking at those beautiful fields and hills and people. 
... Details ... 
. Letterpress printed in Massachusetts
. 13" x 20" 
. 110lb Lettra letterpress paper 
. Individually Numbered
. Custom framing available below: Details 
. Proudly Printed on 100% Cotton 
. As is the nature of any handmade item, there are slight variations in inking & each one is perfect in its own way.

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