The Biggest Frameup

The Biggest Frameup - Old Try
The Biggest Frameup - Old Try

The Biggest Frameup

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*this listing is for our biggest prints ONLY - the Grand Flag series*

Folks have been asking if we sell our prints framed. Well, now we do. 

We've teamed up with a great frame shop to offer y'all professional framing. Now, we're not offering a thousand options, we're offering just six. And it doesn't come cheap, as quality work rarely does. But we will assure you, should you get a custom frame, is that your print will be cared for with as much care as a momma gives to her little ones as it's mounted up and strapped in and shipped down to wherever it is she needs to go. 
A few more things: no refunds on custom work (unless damaged, of course), give your order 5-6 weeks for building, and we'll ship these guys FedEx Ground. Unfortunately, framed orders cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Contact us before ordering if you'd like it shipped internationally.
Approx finished frame sizes:
No Mat -  23"x37
With Mat - 
Please note: Print Not Included.

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