Free Republic

Free Republic - Old Try
Free Republic - Old Try
Free Republic - Old Try
Free Republic - Old Try
Free Republic - Old Try
Free Republic - Old Try

Free Republic

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Drive into the mountains of east Tennessee or western North Carolina, and you can’t help but feel like something went down. 

You feel like the trees in the old-growth have stories. Like stories of the Free Republic of Franklin: a territory given by NC to the Government as a cession for the Revolutionary War debt. A land that lived under the 13-star flag for four and a half years. Lived until they couldn’t get enough support to become a state. A territory that sunk back into the fabric of the mountains just two votes shy. A state lost to the maps, but not abandoned entirely. Still there, in the trees and if you look real hard, you might catch a glimpse of it. 

Details Letterpress Printed 
Printed on 110lb, 100% Cotton Lettra Paper
Individually Numbered
10% of sale price goes to support foster care
Frame it
Allow 4-6 weeks for custom frames
Size 13" x 20"
Origin Honest Made in Mass.

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What goes into an Old Try letterpress print?

Love. History. Cut hands. And a little bit of cussing.


Wooden & Worn


Linoleum & Magnesium

Happy Customers


Beautiful design & high quality

Received this as a gift, and I'm thrilled with it. I'm proud to be able to hang something that represents my state well, and the design looks simply fantastic. High quality, to the point that I purchased another Old Try print when I saw how good it looked. Would recommend.

John F.
Oxford, Miss

Five stars and nothing less

This was our second purchase from The Old Try. Their prints make for such a warm welcome in our Atlanta home. Each product is made in the US and made with intention. The company (Micah) is super thorough in communicating order & shipping information (and awesome follow-up emails). Love this'un and all the rest! Thanks again!

Hannah B.
Auburn, Ala
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