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Old Try

Down to the Buffalo.

I'm ashamed it say it took me almost ninety days to get down to Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. It's only about seven miles from the house, but it is seven miles in the opposite direction of work. Seven miles down to the picturesque center of Matthews. Which is where Xan Hood, the founder, and his family headed back to after years spent out West.

Well, I'm not telling you anything that you can't see...

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We took to their store.

I'd read about We Took To The Woods a few months back. When I saw the pictures of it, I was stunned.

First, I thought about leaving civilization, moving to live in a cabin that was styled the same. Then, I started thinking about how we should move to Greenville and open up shop cause apparently there are folks with insanely great taste and I betcha rent is better there than it is in Massachusetts....

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"Naked" means you ain't got no clothes on. "Nekkid" means you ain't got no clothes on and you're up to somethin'. - Lewis Grizzard

We'd gotten a call last year from a fellow who had opened a store in Winston-Salem, NC. It was called Nekkid Dave. I decided that it was prolly better not to ask about the name (momma would tell me to mind my own beeswax) and just ship the man what he was looking for.


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At Home in Dallas.

Well, technically not a home, but Pebble + Pine of Dallas has a couple of prints hanging around that I saw thanks to a really great writeup on Red Clay Soul. Looks like an amazing space with a good slant: American-made golf and lifestyle boutique.

And I tell you, after seeing the shots, I kinda want to take a trip to Dallas and also take up golf.

Maybe we should start a section called Prints Going...

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Working with Bourbon & Boots.

Got an email from a guy months ago. Something about a sales site that was going to start that hadn't started but was going to and it was going to be really popular and Southern and we should hop on board. I sent back an email saying no. That I wasn't interested.

Then I get another email, and he says that he'd like to talk about it. Now, if a Southerner is going to approach you again, he's either...

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U.G. White's


I got a postcard (okay, two postcards) from a fellow who lives in my hometown of Athens.

He'd sent an email asking for an address to, get this, actually write something down and mail it in the post.

And he did it, I think, cause he'd printed up some beautiful letterpress cards for a hardware store called U.G. White'sin Athens. As it turns out, I grew up seven blocks from Ulysses Grant White's and...

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