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Old Try


Back in January, I met up with some Nashville fellas for a beer while we were in town. Marianna was wiped from our epic Southern Roadtrip (in which we averaged 250 miles a day over ten days, even though we only drove every second day, thus 500 a leg) so I had to go it alone. But that's one of the things I like doing: meeting up with folks who find our stuff and appreciate it.

Mr. Hartline is one of...

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Keep on keeping on.

Back in August, while we were in Charleston, we got an email from a guy named Cyrus who liked our stuff. Wanted to meet up for coffee, just to say hi – cause that's what Southerners do. So we did. We met.

It was...

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Salemtown Board Company.

Woke up the other morning to an inbox of emails from Bearings. I should prolly only subscribe to one, but I get all three.

So then I click over to Salemtown Board Company, out of Nashville. Thought it would be the same old story: couple of hip fellas, making boards, making mountains of cash (or going into insane debt), giving Nashville another craft made feather to fly in their coolest-thing-going...

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Wire power.

I fully believe it is the little things that set one apart. Trying to take something to the next level. Doesn't mean you always have to go to 11, but if everyone else is at 6, why not 7? So when I saw the iPhone cables from Eastern Collective, I was smitten. So long ubiquitous white cable that will be 'borrowed' at the office and never returned. Hello, awesome woven cable that I will be able to...

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M R Snakes

M R Snakes.

No M R'nt.

S M R! C M E D B D I's?

L I B! M R Snakes!

The fellas down in Atlanta at Bearings Guide have gone off and hopped into the wall furnishings space with several handsome prints of the utmost importance. Like, the cuts of dinner, or the proper relation of dark Kentucky spirits, or what to look forif you are tromping around in the Smokies so you don't get a bite, a swollen extremity,...

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At West End: Purveyors of some of the finest in rustic and recycled home decor on the planet.

Like if you took a Robert Redford view of art decorating your house, you could pretty much grab a handful of pieces, maybe one of the deer heads with sticks for antlers, or a cast iron pig door stop, and then maybe an Edison light or two, then set your camera apature to something like a 1.4, so you can get...

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Fresh Ink.

Our good pals at Gigantic Squid have done it again. And by it, we mean make us smile via seafaring creatures.

This time, Ian and company went after our own hearts with a print of a cycloptic squid, staring into our souls, wishing us a Merry Christmas. This one is taking the cake as the finest Christmas poster we've gotten.

Lest we forget to properly plug these guys, Gigantic Squid are a creative...

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Mighty Fine Korean Eats.

Been meaning to write about our friends down in Chattanooga for a bit now. They have a food truck business. It's called Taco Sherpa. They make Korean Tacos in Tennessee. What? Something strange about that? Nope, not if you are Whit and Lindsay. International badasses. Family of mystery. Foodies and all around great people. 

I'd helped a little bit on this when they were still in Korea, when it was...

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Our friends Hal & Jen have made the decision to adopt. It came after years of prayer and struggle and wanting to grow a family but coming up, for one reason or another, empty. For years they dealt with heartbreak. And despite it all, they kept trusting that their family would grow.

Thing is, they are also wonderfully creative. And talented. And giving. Which is why they've started KIN.

In their...

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Huckberry & Old Try.

The boys from Huckberry out in San Francisco gave us a call a few days ago and asked if we'd like to team up and sell some stuff in their internet store.

Well, when you're surrounded by all kinds of other amazing brands, sometimes you tell yourself, “Self, let's send some South westward, shall we?” And that's just what yourself(ves) does.

Head out that way. Save yourself a few dollars and support...

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