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Old Try

Wire power.

I fully believe it is the little things that set one apart. Trying to take something to the next level. Doesn't mean you always have to go to 11, but if everyone else is at 6, why not 7? So when I saw the iPhone cables from Eastern Collective, I was smitten. So long ubiquitous white cable that will be 'borrowed' at the office and never returned. Hello, awesome woven cable that I will be able to...

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Shoes made for strutting.

A month or so back, I got an email from a Tennesseean up here who lives up this way in New Hampshire. He'd bought a couple of prints from us, and had them hanging up in the Granite State. And this is what he said about them:

“ The prints have been many topics of conversation during cocktail parties at my home. Come to find out, many New Englanders, especially here on the seacoast, do not have a...

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If there is anything tougher than shopping for a good belt, I don't know what it is. Which might be why I have 20 belts but only wear two of them. One is a simple, handsome leather piece I got at Sid Mashburn. The other is a thick old thing I got 15 or 16 years ago when I was in high school. It was from the Gap. It was made in China. It was tougher than nails. But it has been falling on hard times...

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The day comes once a year.


I've opened them and inspected them and removed the tags and I put them on, and they are giant. They are not shrunk. They are standard prison issue size. And they are rigid. And they are right. And the indigo hasn't washed out of them yet. And I wear them. And I dare the rain to rain on me. If it does, I will lose the ink. I will lose the rigidity. I will lose the size. But I will not lose heart....

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Beckel Canvas

I've wanted myself a log carrier for twenty years or more. But, living in the South, there wasn't as much need for one as: a) there were fewer stoves to need to fire up after moving away from home and b) see a. That's just about why.

And when I was thinking of getting one, I was having a tough time trying to convince myself (well, I was convinced, it was trying to convince the more sane of us: the...

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Caffeine from a mason.

I can't help but post this.

Several friends up here at Fringe have just released a hot new thing. Called Cuppow. You can turn a mason jar into a coffee cup.

Don't act like you ain't got a mason jar. I know you got twenty of em – grandmama gave you three this Christmas alone cause she does all that canning.

Only downside I see is that a mason jar of hot coffee is going to be hot. But come on. Life's...

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