M R Snakes.

No M R'nt.

S M R! C M E D B D I's?

L I B! M R Snakes!

The fellas down in Atlanta at Bearings Guide have gone off and hopped into the wall furnishings space with several handsome prints of the utmost importance. Like, the cuts of dinner, or the proper relation of dark Kentucky spirits, or what to look for if you are tromping around in the Smokies so you don't get a bite, a swollen extremity, a death.

We'd talked with them a little bit when they were getting these ready, so as a nice gesture, they mailed one up to us. They are real beautifully illustrated pieces that serve as a bit of art and a bit of a PSA. Printed down there in Terminus on some heavy card stock (220lb!) and a single color. Simple is good.