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A Five String print looking damn handsome in a @bychirpwood frame. Visit the Old Try section of their site and enter CHIRPWOOD&OT and they'll get you a Handmade-in-East-Alabama frame for 10% off. . . #printsgoinghome #letterpress #americanmade #southern#handmade #madeinusa #oldtry#madeinnewengland #maker#handsandhustle #makersmovement#handcrafted #handmadewithlove#HelloImHandmade #makersgonnamake#momandpopshop #hustleandheart#southernmakers #chirpwood #fivestring #banjo

On deck.

Got a new one in the bullpen.

The Bear Bowl.

Not an hour to go until my home state kicks off against my Alma Mater. May the best team win. #hottytoddy #rolltide

To Go Cup.

Whitt's Barbecue turns fifty this year.

I never knew Floyd, the founder, but I knew his grandson. Met him in sixth grade. We became fast friends and then bandmates and then roommates and then Best Men. I met the rest of the clan over time. Shared laughs and tears and babies and funerals and vacation houses and I get cards on birthdays and anniversaries and they're the best damn bunch of folks a fellow could know. And they make a fine, fine hickory-smoked barbecue dinner.

I'm honored to offer this print. 

Fort Moultrie Timber.

There's a lot to say about Moultrie.

We could go on about how we defeated the British cause of how hard us Americans wanted it or how freedom was destined to win or how those South Carolinans are a tough as nails bunch. But what we really want to say is that we got a letter from a fellow named F.K. telling us we should look at the Moultrie flag. Which we did. And we liked it. So we went with a little more modern version (love the old one, too) and built it and we thank you S. Carolinians for fighting with all your hearts.

Snag one here.

Splash Decks.

Private beach, or, vacation after Labor Day.

Around P-Town

Where the land ends. And where the Pilgrims penned the Mayflower Compact. Which is why there's a 252 foot tall granite monument right there.

Wellfleet, MA

Samuel Smith he has good flip Good toddy if you please The way is near & very clear 'Tis just beyond the trees. Today we hiked down to the Old Tavern site from 1690.

Friday Quote.

We made it. #letterboardfridays

A home in Belmont.

Today we own a 1932 built piece of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Time to make it a home.

Gene Wilder.

Mr. Wilder's Wonka was one of those characters that made a poor kid from Alabama think anything is possible. Turns out, it is. So long, Gene. 

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