We've got some shirts we need to get rid of. They are returns that folks have sent back to us (sizing reasons) that are just taking up room in our 97 square foot office. So they gotta move.
We're selling them for $23 with free shipping. Which is $10 off the normal price if you were to pay shippin. Only caveat, these dudes are final sale. And there's only one of each shirt, so first come, first served.
So, check the sizing chart and find you one. Email us at orders@theoldtry.com, and we'll send one or two your way.
Bluegrass, Grey, S
Zavala, Blue, S
Hill Country, Blue, L
Appalachia, Grey, L
NC, Black, XL
North Ala., Grey, XL

East Tenn., Black, XL

South, Brown, XL

East Tenn, Grey, XL
TN, Black, XXL
Acadiana, Grey, S
West Texas, Blue, M
Chapel Hill, Brown L
ALA, Grey, L
Crescent City, Blue, L
Gulf Coast, Green L
No. Virginia, Blue, L
Pennyrile, Green, L
Crescent City, Green, XL