I haven't wikied Microburst, so I have no idea of what it actually is. Maybe a baby tornado? A grown up gust?

Whatever the case, Arlington had one last night. We were meeting a writer for dinner. He was late. Texted. There's flooding. Minutes pass.

We get a call. "Hey Micah. I'm not entirely sure I can even make it over there. Traffic was diverted off of Mass. Ave. The they took us off of Broadway. I think I'm now driving towards Medford. Go ahead and order, I'll be there if I can make it."

Traffic diverted from Mass. Ave? Holy moly. There's no way it could be that bad I think. Police cars,  fire trucks pass.

Eventually he arrives. Orders a large beer. Lots of stress on a Wednesday evening. This morning, from the pictures, I can see why.

More looks at the storm here.